Progress in Auraxix Control Center

I have spent the last several days working on a new release for Auraxis Control Center. My main focus for this release is to bring tablet support as well as to improve the documentation for the project.

Right now all the code is at the table_support branch. You can see the progress on this pictures:

Most of the functionality is there but there are still an unexpected behaviour with the action bar that I need to fix. I am planning on finishing this milestone before the end of the month but it will all depend on how my schedule will be.

Planetside 2 Killboard for Overwolf

After being playing with Javascript, HTML and CSS for couple weeks, I decided it was time for me to give this technologies a chance. So I came up with this overlay for Overwolf that will give you live data as well as record you most epic moments.

As some of you know I am a very involved Planetside 2 player. I am working on the Auraxis Control Center and I always trying to see what can do to help the community. With my outfit(Derp Company) me and some members have tried to come up with some ideas of projects we can work on.

One member, Beljoda, started working on a squad-lead assistant application for the Overwolf Overlay. He also developed a Javascript script that wrapped over the Census API and retrieved the information and populated the web page dynamically. At that point I had never worked with CSS or JS but I decided to keep digging, and by using his code I manage to come up with a nice page that gives real time data for a given user(Link). But that page was mostly a prototype to see what data I could use as well as learning how to use the new c:join function.

But having a page that displays data straight from them API was nothing really new or special. So I decided to do something a bit more interesting and came to the idea of checking kills or deaths to trigger a screen shot. And this is the result:

I have a key bind that I use to show or hide this panel, and I also added a link to go to a 'lite' mode of the panel. This will minimize the window but it will keep taking screen shots based on the settings.

It is not Recursion Stat Tracker but it is a neat project, and I like keeping some records of my kills.

I have already submitted the application to the Overwolf team and it will be hopefully accepted in couple weeks.

This blog has moved

After moving my previous blog through various platforms I finally found a method that matches more my personal goals. Using Github Pages and Jekyll I will be able to update things easier without having to manage all the crazyness of Drupal or WP.

I also accidentally lost the private key used access my EC2 where my instance was hosted. At the end I came to the conclusion that instead of keeping up my old blog, I would just start one again and this time I would make sure to keep this more up to date. Losing access to the VM was not a big deal as I know I have a backup in my archives somewhere but I was not feeling like putting more effort into keeping my blog alive. Specially seen as I have started to learn more about web programming, I decided to just give Github Pages a shot and so far I have been very pleased.

I was never a big fan of Wordpress, It was good and easy for blogging but when I wanted to add something in particular I had to hack thing in and I never felt that I had full control. With Github pages and the support for Redcarpet and Jekyll I feel that I have full control over both the content and presentation of the site.

Now that I have this blog back up I will be able to give updates more often and to write about some of my projects too.