This blog has moved

After moving my previous blog through various platforms I finally found a method that matches more my personal goals. Using Github Pages and Jekyll I will be able to update things easier without having to manage all the crazyness of Drupal or WP.

I also accidentally lost the private key used access my EC2 where my instance was hosted. At the end I came to the conclusion that instead of keeping up my old blog, I would just start one again and this time I would make sure to keep this more up to date. Losing access to the VM was not a big deal as I know I have a backup in my archives somewhere but I was not feeling like putting more effort into keeping my blog alive. Specially seen as I have started to learn more about web programming, I decided to just give Github Pages a shot and so far I have been very pleased.

I was never a big fan of Wordpress, It was good and easy for blogging but when I wanted to add something in particular I had to hack thing in and I never felt that I had full control. With Github pages and the support for Redcarpet and Jekyll I feel that I have full control over both the content and presentation of the site.

Now that I have this blog back up I will be able to give updates more often and to write about some of my projects too.