LibGDX Game Tutorial Coming Soon

13 Jul 2014


I am planning on starting to work on a game that has been in my mind for the past four years. Since 2010 I have been on-and-off working on a TBS game very similar to Advanced Wars for Android. Since then I have started multiple projects that were related to certain parts of the development process but I never got to really finish any of them. Or at least finish them to a point that I felt comfortable with them. I did a good tech demo using AndEngine back in 2010 but due to limited time and knowledge I had to stop development. Between 2011 and 2012 I worked on MechTactics, a game engine that handled the network back-end of a multiplayer TBS as well as the game logic. This is the project that I feel came out the best, as I got to achieve the goals that I set for the project. But because of work, research and school, I did not have enought time to work on this sort of side projects. Between 2013 and now I still managed to squeeze some small projects, couple python games and a small java project that I did for school.

Starting with LibGDX

I found LibGdx last year and I worked on some simple demos. LibGDX is definetly more complex than AndEngine but it is also way more powerfull and also cross-compatible with OSX, Web and Dektop. I will document here my development process, remember I am just starting and learning with LibGDX, so this is not going to be a tutorial.

Progress Update

22 Apr 2014

Auraxis Control Center

Version 2.8.X was released! After several months of work, finally I was able to ship the tablet support as well as some general improvements under the hood. After the first day I noticed some minor bugs that were fixed on a ninja-fix with version 2.8.1. After the features were out I started and(after several nights of work) finished adding comments to most of the classes in the game. Now they are easier to understand for newcomers. But I have also noticed a new set of crashes that are affecting a small number of users. With me moving and finishing college I have not have time to go back and fix the errors but is it top priority in the bug tracker. Currently I only have my laptop, which even though capable, it is still not a very good environment to work on. Hopefully I will have some time soon to fix this problems, no ETA though, I will also take it easy as I feel I need some vacations too :).

PS2 Killboard

The app was submitted and approved by the OW team but at the same time I noticed a critical bug that could completely crash the computer. Apparently when multiple kills happen at the exact same time, the Census API may return them in different order every time. If the events come in different order, the killboard will count that as a new events and it will trigger a screen capture. So in theory the API could return a different result on every call, and with that a new screenshot would be taken. Given that the killboards can make requests multiple times a second, that could fill up several gigabytes of data very quickly, eventually making the system to slow down due to all the IO requests.

As I said earlier, I will not have time to work on this and due to the severity of the bug, I decided to ask the OW team to simply remove the app for now. Hopefully I will bring it back at some point.

PS2 Event Streaming

And I saved the best for last. Now the Census API supports the use of websockets to push some data based on in-game events, more info here. Currently the events you can recieve are kills, vehicle kills, player login/logout, territory change and alerts. This opens the windows of possibilities to a completely new set of applications, seen as now we can receive data on demand instead of having to pull every single time. I have some great ideas, but I will talk about them in other time.